I am a painter and printmaker working in the landscape and from my studio in Newlyn, Cornwall. 

Each print begins with a sketchbook drawing that is slowly worked into an etching and printed to a limited edition in the studio. When working with a plate my practice of printmaking focuses on the movement of ink and the direction of hand-drawn lines, becoming familiar with the marks that are unique to each piece. 

Paintings explore the stillness and subtle details of the landscape with simple brushstrokes and layering colour. A sewn line curves along the surface of the canvas, quietly suggesting the land or horizon and focusing on something meditative in the landscape. The process of mark-making reflects the balance that being beside the water brings.

I regularly have work exhibited with Belgrave St Ives, a gallery specialising in Modern British and Contemporary Art, as well as showing a selection of etchings with Circle Contemporary.

daily glimpses